Rave: Vania Romoff

Lately, I’ve been drooling at Vania Romoff‘s gowns. They are oh-so-wonderful. The gowns are ultra chic and yet it manages to be very feminine. The latest one I love is Kathryn Bernardo’s gown during her debut. Don’t you think this would translate to a very nice bridal wear?  I can go on blabbering about how gorgeous Vania Romoff’s gowns are but these are just not enough. Let me just help you with these photos from her blog. Oh my, how I wish I can wear her creations one day. Happy Mondays everyone! Vania Romoff bridal@vaniaromoff.com.ph 7C LPL Tower 112 Legaspi Read More...

Fitness: Home Workout #1

I have to admit, before if I stay at home, the chances of me sweating it out is close to zero. However, recently I’ve developed a love for working out. So this is what I’ve been doing when I’m at home. 3 sets of the following… 10 squats 10 push-up tap (push-up then tap shoulder alternately) 10 burpees 10 pairs of mountain climbers ** I try to time myself, targeting to complete the 3 sets to be below 5 minutes Gymball exercises – 2 sets of the following… 10 jack knife — rest your feet on the ball to form Read More...

Finds: Forever Afternoon Designs and Prints

Invites are often left out in wedding preparations. Just like us, it was the least of our priorities. But, looking back at our wedding, I wish that we have given it much more thought and budget. It may be true that people usually just throw the invites after. However, receiving a gorgeous invite is still a high for some. Nowadays, I’m happy that my clients are conscious with their invites. I’d have to say that their tastes are impeccable and I’m loving it! In line with that, I’d like to share with you a group that my friend has discovered. Read More...

Regie and Nadet: In life and in music

I still remember when I met Nadet, she’s so cheery and very bubbly. Despite having the challenge of moving their wedding onto another date, she has remained calm and positive. That was the vibe of this whole wedding.. fun and uplifting. With Regie and Nadet being musically talented, they sang their way inside the reception. As a surprise, the Regie sang and arranged a piece for Nadet. How cool is that? Anyway, here’s their wedding highlights for your viewing pleasure Ceremony and Reception Venue: Ayala Alabang Golf & Country Club Preps Hotel: Crimson Hotel Alabang Photo and Video: Photoimagicraft by Gian Read More...

Tips: The Eldredge Knot

We all want our groom, groomsmen, male principal sponsors to be dashing… well, we just want them dashing at our wedding. What can we do? Hmmmmm… aside from being clean shaven, newly bathe, freshly pressed suit… a well tied necktie is important as well. Its a minor detail that adds an intricate touch. I’m just happy to have chanced upon this type of knot, the Eldredge Knot. Isn’t it nice? So to do that, here are some tips and a nice video to help you achieve it. If you want to try it use a solid colored necktie. It looks Read More...

Finds: Really Awesome Weddings (RAW)

Awesome is an understatement to this group. Their photos are crisp and just oh-so-lovely. May it be details, portraits or in-betweens, they’re just able to capture them beautifully. Really Awesome Weddings or R.A.W’s style is crisp and airy as described in their website. I agree. Despite the emotions of your wedding day, the photos simply manage to be really light to the heart and eyes. Its always a joy to see their photos in my news feed. The flowers become more colorful, the bride more glowing, the groom more dashing. Don’t you want that for your wedding?   They have Read More...

Marci and Johanne: Peace, Love and Music

Its Monday and I’m a bit tired already. Last week was really emotionally draining but I won’t bore you with details since its too personal. I know you’ve read this several times but wedding videos really perk me up. I’ve been saving this one for a certain low day. True enough, it removed the tiring feeling and boosted my mind into work mode again. Sharing this with you to perk up and some reggae to your Monday! Church: Caleruega Church Reception: Bali Village Hotel Tagaytay Hotel Preps: Crosswinds Resort Suites Videographer: Joaquin Ambata Photographer: Raymond Fortun Auxiliary Photographer: Jason Angcao Prenup: Focuspoint Digital Media Bridal Gown: Von Lazaro Grooms Read More...

Videos: Drew and Iya

Photo by Mangored
The Pinoy websphere has been abuzz because of Drew and Iya’s wedding. Everything is just effortlessly chic, gorgeous and so damn cool. I’m guessing their prenup and wedding will be one of the new pegs of couples all around the metro. Why not right? They have some really good ideas there. With this wedding, cliff weddings might become a trend too. Its a different view from your now becoming usual beach wedding. For me, the cliff view is simply breathtaking. Anyway, if you want to get a peak at their prenup and wedding video, here’s what the great Jason Magbanua Read More...

Pinoy Celebrity Bridal Gowns

Photo by J Lucas Reyes
With the wedding of Iya and Drew, I got curious about the weddings of some celebrities. Thus, the topic of today’s blog post. After browsing and ogling at gorgeous bridal gowns, I decided to compile the ones that I like. I think there are more but this is what I have for now. So let’s all enjoy the gorgeousness and think about how we will look like in ours (as for me, probably in my renewal of vows gown :P). Related posts: Finds: Bridal Gowns by Mi Sueno Bridal Boutique Finds: RTW Wedding Gowns from Neiman Marcus Happenings: Singapore Bridal Read More...

Joe and Rica: Something Beautiful

Photo by Lito Sy
One of the things that I love to do is watch wedding videos. It has been a while since I just sat down and watched them. It has a therapeutic effect on me and I just love it. Hope it does the same thing to you. I’ve been following Rica Peralejo on Instagram and I feel like I know what’s happening with her. So, I became curious as to what her wedding looked like. Thus, the search for her wedding video. It wasn’t really hard because it was made by one of the industry’s finest, Jason Magbanua. Its simple but Read More...

Finds: Gery Penaso

Photo by Mangored
You always hear people say that you need to invest on a good photographer for your wedding. That is so true. Another one that people have been missing is to invest on a good hair and makeup artist. We’re all beautiful but let’s admit it, a good hair and makeup artist will help enhance our nicest facial features. This in turn can then be captured beautifully by your photographer. I’ve always been fascinated with hair and makeup. Whenever I see Gery Penaso at work, it is just amazing. His quick hands can turn you into a very beautiful swan. Not Read More...

Undergoing renovation ^_^

Hi! I’m currently updating my blog, so please hang in there. I’ll be back soon with more information that might help you for your wedding. ^_^ Related posts: Long over due

Fitness Challenge: Onto 5 min planks

Fitness Challenge: Onto 5 min planks
Pardon the messy room Despite the holiday season, I tried to stick to my challenge. I managed to finish it. However, there were really days that I’m so lazy to get up but because of the challenge I’m able to do so. This time around, I went with a plank challenge. I’m so weak with planks. I can’t even stand a 10 count plank before. But with this challenge, I’m able to conquer my fear of planks hahahaha The challenge is to build your core to withstand 5 minutes on the last day. Here’s my challenge sheet. It feels so Read More...

Rave: Jeff and Lisa Photography

Rave: Jeff and Lisa Photography
For today, I wanted something pretty and something that I can fall in love with. Something to start the year right. Thank God that I found it through the lens of Jeff and Lisa. Browsing through their photos is just so addicting. The smiles, the candid moments, the details, how they maximize their surroundings, the list just goes on and on and on. Its like, the photos are pulling you into wherever it was taken. It also makes you feel the same emotions as the ones in the photo. Every photo just seems natural, nothing posy or too editted. They’re that A.W.E.S.O.M.E! Read More...

Bye Sweet 2013

Bye Sweet 2013
Calligraphy by Joannie Sarmiento This year has been amazing. (It still hasn’t beaten 2012, just because I was tied to Mr. A forever. :D) It has been full of major decisions and changes. Despite the scary part of those decisions, it bore the nicest outcome at the moment. Here’s some of the memorable moments that happened to me this year, in no particular order but rather of memory hehe – I decided to be a pescatarian and is still one. – I have managed to post consistently in my blog! Yes, that’s major for me because its so hard for Read More...

Growing old with you!

Growing old with you!
Photos from Bored Panda And again, Bored Panda has melted our hearts. This time its with this lovely couple. With only 1 photo to remind them of their wedding, their granddaughter organized this anniversary shoot for them! How sweet is that! Here are some of my favorites Adorable, just adorable! See more photos here. Mr. A, we’ll be like that in the future! Wrinkly and in love. :* Related posts: 3 Lovelies and Wedding Goodies Music: Ho Hey Cover by Lennon and Maisy The Beginning Finds: altxvideos

Fitness Challenge: Squats and Crunches

With all the good food and parties around, we would like to think that we have a plan to lose those calories. But let’s be honest, we usually don’t follow through. Personally, its hard for me to stick to a workout regimen. Making it hard to lose weight and burn calories. At the moment, I have my challenges and pole classes to keep me fit. Well, I think that I’m fit hehe But I’d have to say that I never felt better. As a former bride, I know that we want to look fit and lean on our wedding day. Read More...

Inspiration: Love is in the Air

Inspiration: Love is in the Air
Photos from Live Boutique I was just randomly browsing and this photo popped up. How I wished that I can be as pretty as her in air. This could’ve been our peg for our prenup. But I would need to take classes first But I think the pole can be used similarly. I just fell in love with their series and hope that somebody here in the Philippines will have a prenup like this Related posts: Inspiration: Corky Love Inspiration: Under the Sea of Love Inspiration: Chevron Why I’m in love with Polecats Manila

Finds: Dominic Barrios

The weather today has been erratic. It was raining and gloomy. So I decided to check on some photos from this photographer, Dominic Barrios. I’m so happy that I decided to take a look at his work. It was vibrant and sharp. With my mood getting uplifted from the photos, the weather I see from my window is now sunshiny and clear. Just like his photos. If that made you swoon and happy. He might be the one for you. His packages start at Php 60,000 and it already has an album and a box of photos.^_^ Dominic Barrios hello@dominicbarrios.com Read More...

Adrian and Rochelle: We are The Cardenasians!

Photo by Nice Print I just love this couple. I saw their engagement photos and they’re just so lovely and daring. Their wedding is also a statement in itself. It is nowhere near simple. Yet, it is elegant and classy. When I saw their save-the-date video, I just know that I have to share it with all of you. Location: Hotel Celeste Photo/Video: Nice Print Prenup Styling: Styling by Aira Franco Hair and Makeup: Fritz Mortel Related posts: Rocky and Jeni: Brand New Start My Sister’s Surprise! Feli and Jo: You Suddenly Complete Me Finds: Adrian Ardiente Photography